• iCap has values, both in terms of its business relationships and in how it deals with the world

  • iCap has a creative vision of what capital markets can do

  • iCap has unparalleled access to key players in North American and beyond

  • iCap has unique expertise in tax rebates and other highly lucrative opportunities



iCapital is the Tustin, California-based financial services firm founded and managed by Randall M. Letcavage. iCapital leverages a unique expertise and access to deliver top tier financial advisory services to middle-market and growth-oriented companies. iCapital’s success stems from its vision of what capital markets can do, as well as its values-based approach, which has produced meaningful, long-lasting and far-reaching business relationships.



iCapital brings extensive experience and expertise in structuring and executing alternative financing transactions, including:

  • Reorganizations
  • S-1 Filings
  • Reverse Mergers
  • IPO’s
  • Debt Financing
  • Strategic Investments
  • Private Equity
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iCapital and/or its managing members have an interest in the following companies: Premier Holdings, E3 – Energy Efficiency Experts, The Power Company, ACT – Activate Nano Technology, Hollywood International, Green Central Holdings, Nextgen Science and Technology, Nexalin Technology.