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Corporate Finance

During difficult business conditions, we rely on our ability to be creative and expedient in structuring a variety of transactions.

iCapital’s wide array of resources and long-standing relationships in the financial community enable us to secure debt and equity financings for a wide range of mature and emerging growth companies.

Strategic Advisory

iCapital’s investment bankers work directly with companies to explore and identify strategic opportunities.

iCapital’s extensive client list and close relationships in the financial community offer a broad database of potential partners.
Mergers and Acquisitions

iCapital recognizes the importance of an M&A strategy for companies seeking to grow and enhance shareholder value.

We enhance the M&A process by providing added value services and conditions that bring buyers and sellers together. In addition, we have developed relationships with business brokers, attorneys and accountants, forming a network of experts to partner in our M&A efforts.
Private Equity Financing

iCapital’s industry expertise and relationships allow small developing companies to gain access to capital in the private equity markets.

Our network of angel and institutional investors enables us to draw upon a large pool of potential investors for a wide range of companies. iCapital’s extensive private equity experience enable it to creatively applying both traditional and non-traditional private equity for our clients.
In addition to private equity financing we offer strategies that include reorganizations, reverse mergers, IPOs, debt financing, and strategic investment.
Shareholder Enhancement

iCapital specializes in enhancing investor awareness in micro- and small-cap companies by working with developing and executing strategies that broaden our client companies’ investor support.

iCapital will also leverage its strong relationships in preparing and effectively distributing research reports aimed at communicating with individual investors, brokerage firms and investment banks.
iCapital also works with brokers and dealers to ensure an orderly liquid market, efficient executions and in achieving desired market listings, including AMEX, NASDAQ, and NYSE.

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